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Twister Arm Exerciser, a versatile and effective tool designed for targeted muscle training

A fourth-generation hydraulic arm and chest strength enhancer has been improved to provide a user-friendly alternative to conventional spring-based arm strength equipment. It offers adjustable resistance through a resistance button, making it versatile for users of all levels, whether beginners, men, women, novices, or experienced individuals. With the ability to tailor the resistance from 22 to 440 pounds across 2 to 20 levels, you can effortlessly select the most suitable intensity by simply turning the knobs.

Easy to use and Storage

The handle at the base is constructed from ergonomic PU material, ensuring durability and a non-slip surface, along with a comfortable grip. An added convenience is the presence of a buckle on the handle's underside, making storage a breeze. To use it, simply hold the handle with both hands when unpacking, employ your index finger to release the buckle, and you're ready to go.

Strong and Sturdy Material

Our hydraulic fitness equipment is meticulously crafted from high-density double-carbon steel, engineered plastics, and a hydraulic cylinder that has successfully withstood 100,000 endurance tests, ensuring it remains resistant to deformation and breakage. The core of this equipment is a completely sealed hydraulic cylinder, featuring a straightforward design, dependable performance, adaptable resistance, and a strong emphasis on safety. This arm strength exercise machine delivers consistent resistance that remains steadfast over time without any degradation.

Golden Ratio Triangle Structure

The distinctive golden ratio triangle design, fortified with ten reinforcement rivets, significantly enhances the hydraulic adjustability, ensuring a higher load-bearing capacity and maintaining a consistently stable condition, which is crucial for safe usage. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this equipment is well-suited for all. It's ideal for simultaneously working out your wrists, arms, shoulders, chest, and back, facilitating the development of grip strength, finger and wrist strength, and the overall enhancement of upper body muscle strength.

Be stronger together

Achieve toned and strong arms within minutes each day using this chest exercise equipment. This push-up machine is designed to boost your everyday strength. If you have any inquiries or reservations regarding this product, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via the ordering page, and we assure you that we will provide a solution that meets your satisfaction.

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Pick Your Weight: 20kg

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