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Neon Sweatbands | Fully Cotton - 80s Style

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Color: Light Green
Size: One Size
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  • These sports headbands and wristbands are excellent companions for workouts in the gym or on the track. They are suitable for equipping your entire team for various sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis, workouts, running, walking, yoga, cycling, badminton, baseball, and any other physical activities.


  • Ideal for your group of women, men, and teenagers, this sports headband set along with wristbands is a perfect choice. It provides comfort and fun, whether you're looking for a comfortable 80s sweatband costume set or a workout set, making it a great fit for throwback events, 5k runs, marathons, or decade-themed parties.


  • These sweatbands offer stretchability, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties, providing an elastic and comfortable fit. They come in vibrant colors as part of a sports headband set, and they also include neon wristbands.

  • This set of neon sweatbands and wristbands from the 80s, suitable for both men and women, serves a dual purpose as an 80s costume accessory and functional workout gear for running and exercise. They add a playful touch to any 80s-themed party and can be used as colourful accessories for events like colour wars.

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    Color: Light Green
    Size: One Size

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