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Cordless Jump Rope With Heavy Balls For Weight Loss

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Color: Aqua Lake
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Design for Stability
Our groundbreaking design incorporates a sizeable cordless sphere that guarantees secure rope retention. The outer surface of the sphere serves a dual purpose as a massage ball, mimicking the resistance of an extended rope for fitness and weight management. Furthermore, the inclusion of two detachable counterweights intensifies calorie burning and expedites perspiration.

Faster and Smoother
Our high-quality speed jump rope features top-notch 360-degree ball bearings, ensuring a consistent, rapid, and knot-free rotation. The steel rope is adjustable and equipped with PVC protection to ensure long-lasting durability and prevent any risk of cracking or breaking. Enjoy seamless jump workouts with our cutting-edge rope design.

Safety and Comfort
Crafted from premium, eco-friendly silicone, the handle boasts an ergonomic design for a secure, slip-resistant grip. This material is not only non-slip but also non-toxic and free of any unpleasant odors, guaranteeing a safe and pleasurable experience. The comfortable hand grip minimizes fatigue and enhances your ability to exert force during your workout sessions.

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Color: Aqua Lake