Experience unmatched stability, comfort, and versatility with our Active 2.0 Smart Peddler.

Designed with the needs of elderly users, those with limited mobility, and fitness enthusiasts in mind, this product is your go-to tool for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and regular exercise routines.

Benefits of Active 2.0 Smart Peddler

Aiding Mobility and Limited Mobility

Perfect for elderly users and individuals with limited mobility, providing a gentle yet effective way to stay active and improve overall mobility.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

An excellent tool for physical therapy and rehabilitation, helping users regain strength, enhance flexibility, and recover more effectively.

Helps Alleviate Issues Such as Leg Cramps

Designed to reduce leg cramps and discomfort, ensuring a more comfortable and beneficial workout experience

Sturdy and Durable

Built to withstand regular use, our product offers a sturdy and reliable solution for all your exercise needs.

Reduces Leg Cramps and Aids Mobility

Regular use helps in reducing leg cramps and improving overall mobility, contributing to better health and well-being.


Whether for physical therapy, rehabilitation, or daily exercise, our product's versatile design meets a wide range of user needs and fitness goals.